'Trim the Cloud Fat' Workshop Series:
Workshop 3: Optimizing Cloud Resources
It's a brand new year and time to trim the fat from your cloud expenditures!

Cloud resources are easy to spin up – and even easier to forget. Much cloud waste can be attributed to resources that were purchased but are no longer being utilized at the same level – or at all. On the flip side, if your resources aren’t optimized, you can incur expensive disruptions to your business. Join Cloud Cruiser’s experts for a hands-on workshop to explore:

Join Cloud Cruiser’s experts for a hands-on workshop to explore::
  • common pitfalls in cloud resource management
  • how to easily identify cloud waste
  • how to plan for future cloud usage and spend




Date: Thursday, February 18th, 2016
Time: 10am PST / 1pm EST
Q1 'Trim the Cloud Fat' Workshop Series

Workshops Date
Enabling User Accountability and Self-Sufficiency Thursday, March 3
Controlling Runaway Cloud Spend Thursday, March 17
Forecasting Future Usage & Spend Thursday, March 31
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